Welcome to Isle of Portland Orchids. We grow species orchids in Dorset. We only sell plants that we have raised ourselves from seed or division, at our nursery,  and sell online and at shows. 

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We are Annie and Simon Pugh-Jones and we care passionately about conservation especially in the biodiverse tropical forests of our wonderful planet.  Simon set up and ran the Writhlington School Orchid Project for 30 years before retiring in 2023.

We are happy to come to shows to sell our plants and put up a small display.  We are also  available to give talks about tropical orchids in cultivation and the wild. Please contact us via isleofportlandorchids@gmail.com 

Every week we will focus on one of the 500 or so species in our collection and share information on its cultivation, wild habitat and history. 

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We also provide information pages for the orchids we grow and sell - find out about our orchids here

Our online shop

We sell plants online and at shows. Follow the link here and subscribe to get updates of new plant listings. With each plant we will send links to cultural information about the species offered.

We send our plants in First Class post and so post on Mondays and Wednesdays giving plants the best chance for spending a minimum time in transit. We will delay posting if the weather is very cold.

Our propagation laboratory

We have a laboratory to grow orchids from seed. We only use our own seed produced by pollinating palnts in our collection.

We use aseptic technique in clean air to grow our orchids in jars on special growing media. 

Our nursery

Our nursery on Portland looks south towards the sea. We have two greenhouses that we call 'The Cloud Forest Glasshouse' and 'The Himalayan Glasshouse'

The Cloudforest Glasshouse is where we grow our species native to the cool mountain forests of Central and South America. We maintain a minimum temperature of 12C and provide shading in the summer.  We aim to replicate the conditions we have experienced on visits to the mountain rainforests and cloud forests of Brazil and Costa Rica.

The Himalayan Glasshouse is where we grow the iconic orchids if the tropical monsoon forests of the Himalayas.  We maintain a minimum temperature of 7C and aim to replicate the forest habitats we have explored in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

We grow warm orchid species in our living room with a minimum of 17C. We use glass cabinets and call this growing area 'The Hot Lowland Cabinets' and aim to replicate the growing conditions we have found in the lowland rainforests we have explored in Borneo, Guatemala, Belize and Assam.

If you would like to hear more about how we grow our orchids, we are available to give lectures and talks to orchid societies and gardening groups. Please contact us via isleofportlandorchids@gmail.com