Pleurothallis galaeta

We consider Pleurothallis galeata to be one of the easiest orchids we grow. It is tolerant of both high and low temperatures, propagates easily and from kikis and flowers its socks off with long spikes of delicate flowers that last several weeks.

Plants for medium sized clumps like the one photographed this morning  with plants about 25cm tall with a tough single leaf on a stiff stem. The flower spikes come from the base of every leaf, old and new, and with us plants flower in the winter and again in the summer.

Some leaves produce more than one spike and plants flower well from young divisions

Pleurothallis galeata is found over a vast range from Venezuela in the north to Peru in the south and grows in cloud forests from 1500 to 3400m. This range may explain the unfussy nature of the species. We grow plants successfully in pots, mounted and in baskets. We find it enjoys lots of water and copes happily with low light levels. We have friends who do well with the species in terrariums too. We grow plants in our cloud forest greenhouse (minimum 12C)