Vanda christensoniana

Vanda chrisonsoniana is a delightful miniature species. Our stock plant here a mature specimen and is now 20cm tall and has a mass of flowers opening on two 8cm spike.

Vanda christonsoniana is native to Vietnam where it grows in seasonally dry forest from sea level to 700m altitude. We have explored similar habitat in Laos and this forest is deciduous and semi-deciduous meaning this orchid has adapted to cope with bright light and dry periods. The leaves are almost terete and turn a red/purple colour when enjoying good light and the plant certailnly seems to enjoy our supplementary lighting in our cabinets. Adding grow lights to our Ikea cabinets was easy (they stick to the glass shelves) and our light give a 14 hour day.

The sweet little flowers last a long while and are butterfly pollinated with a long spur. The plant here is in a 1/3litre basket which we find ideal for growing lots of miniature orchids.