Barbosella handroi

Barbosella handroi is native to coastal Brazillian cloud forests.  The species has leaves about 1cm long and in late autumn is covered in pretty yellow and brown flowers on thin stems. Plants flower from old and new leaves and so a mature plant like this one has humdreds of flowers that pretty much hide the plant.

We have seen the species growing in wet primary evergreen forest at Macae de Cima. Plants clothe the upper branches of tall trees in sheltered forest and to get a close look we needed to find a fallen tree. Branches are covered in moss and so the plants do not dry out for long periods.

We grow Barbosella handroi mounted, partly to show off its wonderful growth habit but also to avoid plants being out competed by moss in pots. Plants are hung in the Cloud forests glasshouse (min 12C) and are watered daily or every other day depending on the weather.