Miltonia cuneata

During our visit to Brazil in 2006 we came across a large colony of Miltonia cuneata in flower on the trunks of a few large trees. (see photo above)

As you can see the dramatic white lip and chestnut spotted petals give a really dramatic display - even high above your head.

The habitat here is evergreen forest at 1100m so cool but not that cool, and plants are very well suited to living in our Cloud Forest Greenhouse at the nursery with a minimum of 12C and plenty of water throughout the year. Our photo from Brazil also gives a good indication of the light plants receive with dappled sunlight on the leaves at midday (we had a very nice picnic lunch under this tree)

Our greenhouse is shaded from March until October and Miltonis cuneata lives high in the greenhouse hanging in a large basket.

The flowers are long lasting making this a really rewarding species to grow. 

We have seedlings of the species in our propagation lab and so will be selling them in a couple of years.