Dryadella simula

Dryadella simula is one of our real mini-minature orchids. The slim leaves are about 3cm long and relatively large flowrs (about 1.5cm across) are produced on short spikes at the base of the leaves.

Dryadellas used to be included in genus masdevallia and they are basically tiny masdevallias with spotty flowers.

We have seen the closely related species Dryadella edwallii growing in brazil where we found it growing on mossy branches in shade, on mountain ridges at around 1200m. Dryadella simula is found in similar habitats in the cool forests of the Andes from Colombia to Peru.

We find that the species does very well mounted on cork bark or growing in small pots as long as moss is not allowed to out compete the little orchid. We keep plants well watered throughout the year.